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Player Sanctions:


These rules may be changed, deleted or complimented based on game patches, bugs, local laws or any other reason at the discretion of NAL staff.

The Notorious Arena League is committed to creating a safe space where people from all walks of life can come together to participate and watch highly competitive and entertaining matches in Sea of Thieves. The theme of our rule set is to give as much freedom as possible whilst still maintaining the league and player integrity. We take our rules very seriously to ensure a fair and fun filled experience for everyone. In addition to all our own rules, we also abide by the Sea of Thieves community code of conduct. Team captains are responsible for making sure all team members understand the rules. Rules fall into three categories.

Behavioral - Rules that dictate player behavior both in and out of competition.

Participation - Rules that all players must follow in competition.

Game Mechanics - Rules that explain the move set that players can utilize in competition.

Common Questions

What happens when I file a report?


Prize Distribution

Prize Pool

Morality Rules: Cross-hairs, DPI switching, and lag switching are not allowed. We cannot enforce these rules without being physically present. As a result, we rely on our player's good faith to make sure that sportsmanship is maintained.

Failure to adhere to the rules can lead to disciplinary action, including a league ban. Signing up to the Notorious Arena League gives us the right to promote your team name and logo in all league activities. All players must have their gamertag linked to their Discord profile.

Behavioral Rules Back to top.

  1. Be civil and respectful, and obey instructions from league staff.
  2. Do not use your influence to harass, bully, intimidate, threaten or encourage others to do harm. Any activity you engage in that is solely designed to target and upset another player or crew constitutes bullying. This kind of behaviour is against the Xbox and Rare code of conduct and could be reported to these organizations.
  3. The league will enforce communication rules in the game, however, all players are free to talk in their stream/channels without facing league sanctions unless they violate the xbox community guidelines described here: xbox-live-community-standard-trash-talking.
  4. No stream sniping of any kind, anywhere, for any reason.
  5. Honor any type of NDA that the player may have signed.
  7. Confidentiality: Reports, support requests, or any communication between teams/players and NAL staff members shall remain confidential. Sharing or posting this material anywhere without written approval will result in sanctions.

Participation Rules Back to top.

  1. All players must be able live stream their matches. Exceptions can be made, but at the very minimum the player must be able to record the match. Players who cannot stream must request a streaming exemption. Teams must ensure that starting lineups always have at least 2 players who are streaming during matches.
  2. If a player is reported for cheating, a VOD or recording of the player in question must be submitted to league staff. Failure to meet this requirement means automatic disqualification for the player. If a player is found to be cheating without the knowledge of his teammates, then only the player will be disqualified. Otherwise, the entire team is subject to removal from the league.
  3. During matches, only talk with your own crew and do not use game chat or text chat (including radial wheel). Keep in mind that all matches are streamed and VODs do get reviewed, inappropriate trash talking (see Behavioral Rule #3) during matches can be held against you and disciplinary actions may be taken.
  4. Last minute substitutions are prohibited. The starting roster will play all matches for that days games, unless specifically requested 24 hours prior to the match start. No exceptions will be made unless extenuating circumstances arise. Those will be met case by case. Any violations of this will be met with a 5th place placement for the match.
  5. If a substitution is granted, based on which match the swap will be made, it will be made in-between matches and on that teams time, matches will not stop or reset if that person did not get in soon enough. Be quick!
  6. Teams report any issues to a staff member in “Production” within 2 minutes of the match starting. If the issue is verified then we wait out the match. That match will be void and it will be replayed.
  7. If you play for a team during an official match, you’ll be locked to that team for the remainder of the season. This rule does not apply to scrims.
  8. During competition, do not have cheating software on your computer for any reason or any game. Cheating software is defined as third party software with the potential to manipulate, assist, or impact gameplay. If a player has questions regarding software that is permitted, please submit a support ticket.
  9. VODs shall remain available for a period of 14 days after the match for staff review. You have 36 hours to provide these VODs. There will be a one point deduction per player per day until the VODs are submitted. Failure to provide VODs may result in a major sanction (including end of season). This is the responsibility of the team captain. You will be provided with warnings prior to any point deductions.
  10. If you are asked to meet with a ref and ignore or refuse the request you will not be able to play in the NAL until the issue is resolved.
  11. A team can have up to 8 players on its active roster and up to 12 members in its seasonal roster(includes kicked players). This means that teams cannot kick team members to achieve an infinite roster size. In addition, after the season officially starts (Brawl Stage 1), teams participating in the current season will only be able to recruit from the free agents pool that registered prior to the start of the season.
  12. Teams may not be involved in gambling or betting associated with NAL matches. Any concern of match fixing will be taken extremely seriously. Teams must play for the win or highest possible position at all times.
  13. Punctuality: Teams are to have at least one member present during pre-game briefings. These briefings always take place 30 minutes before the scheduled match start time. Teams that are not represented during the briefing will not be allowed to play.The team representative is responsible for relaying information back to their team.
  14. Winning teams during an official league day must assign one player from the team to be available for an interview. This is especially important for the winning team during the Grand Finals. Failure to attend the winners ceremony will result in a prize penalty of 10%.
  15. Official reports must be submitted through our support system.
  16. Media obligations: Teams are required to attend up to 3 media days during throughout the season where applicable. The three media days are in preparation for the Pre-season, Round of Fate, and Grand Finals. Failure to attend will result in a prize penalty of 10%. At least 3 team members must be present during these days.

Game Mechanics Rules Back to top.

These rules are subject to change based on the current version of Sea of Thieves. As mentioned earlier, our goal is to have as much “anything goes” as possible whilst still maintaining the integrity of the league and the players. We have a wide range of experienced sword users and double gunners to consult for a highly competitive move list.


  1. Macro assisted gameplay.
  2. Exploits that might allow a contestant to deal more damage than reasonably intended.
  3. Exploits that might allow a contestant to bypass oncoming damage in an unintended manner, or modify the player model hitbox.
  4. Exploits that might expand a contestant’s inventory greater than what is intended (inventory glitch).
  5. Cheats that might enable ESP, teleportation, God mode, invulnerability, etc. Intentionally glitching your character onto a galleon as it sails over you.
  6. If you notice that your character is bugged somehow, please leave the game immediately and join back. For example, infinite inventory bug, invincibility, etc. Teams report any issues within 2 minutes of the match starting. If the issue is verified then we wait out the match. That match will be void and it will be replayed. Otherwise, the match will play on until the end even if the team has to play one player down. The glitched player has the opportunity to stick to naval combat if they don’t want to risk having issues joining back, however, a player with infinite inventory cannot abuse the situation by shooting infinite cannonballs or repairing without making natural journeys to the supply barrels.
  7. Clipping chests intentionally into the hull or other parts of the environment where chests cannot be retrieved. Remember these rules are in addition to the behavioral and Participation rules.
  8. (Catapulting) Gaining unintended speed boosts by using the environment or parts of the ship.
  9. Glitching under objects such as rocks and other locations where a player cannot be hit, but can still attack or interact with objects on the opposite surface.
  10. Despawning your ship on purpose without losing points.
  11. Players may use either controller or keyboard + mouse, but may not use both input devices at the same time.
  12. Exploits altering the normal operation of the ship are not allowed. Angling sails, raising and lowering sails, the helm, and capstan must be operated "naturally".

**Breaking any of the rules, may have an impact on your team’s ability to participate in future seasons.

What happens when I file a report? Back to top.

All reports directed at teams/players associated with the NAL will be handled by the NAL Officiating Committee (refs).

Once a report comes in it will be reviewed by appropriate personnel and all “evidence” will be examined. Evidence can be defined as screenshots, chat logs, video recordings, official NAL vods, etc. Players will always be informed when a report that involves them comes in. Players found in violation of gang reporting, witch hunting, etc can face suspensions. The reporter and the reporter’s team’s responsibility is to not talk to any players, or teams about the report. Allow staff to handle issues and come to a resolution.

Once the report is reviewed, the NAL Sanctioning Committee will reach out to the reporting party as well as the teams/individuals mentioned to collect any more information regarding the report.

Once all parties have been addressed and the report evidence has been reviewed it is up to the NAL Sanctioning Committee to provide an appropriate sanction.

Each report will be handled on a case by case basis unless otherwise stated by the pre-existing rule set. (Ex. Sending/linking/threatening any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harm-ware results in an immediate and permanent ban.)

Sanctions Back to top.

The Briefing before matches for both scrims and official match days are each participant’s warning.

Possible Player Sanctions

Any sexist, sexual, homophobic, racist, political, religious, or discriminatory attack (as defined in Xbox Code of Conduct) will result in a 4 event (Scrims & League) ban for the first instance and a seasonal/permanent ban for a repeat offence. This kind of behaviour is against the Xbox and Rare code of conduct and will be reported to these organizations.

Minor - 5 or more Minor Sanctions will result in a Season Ban. Each minor sanction will deduct 2% of the overall prize money for the team.

  1. Match Ban(s)
  2. Matchday Ban(s)
  3. Scrim Ban(s)
  4. Event Ban(s) (All above)

Major - More than 1 Major Sanction will result in a League Ban. Each major sanction will deduct 10% of the overall prize money for the team.

  1. Season Ban
  2. League Ban

Possible Team Sanctions

Minor - 3 of more Minor Sanctions will result in a Season Ban. Each minor team sanction will deduct 5% of the overall prize money for the team.

  1. 3-player Game(s)
  2. 3-player Matchday(s)
  3. Scrim Removal(s)
  4. Event Ban(s) (All above)

Major - More than 1 Major Sanction will result in a League Ban.

  1. Season Removal
  2. League Removal

Any player who is found in violation of using any sort of CHEAT OR MACRO WILL BE REMOVED INDEFINITELY.

Prize Distribution: Back to top.

  1. Teams must have at least one member over the age of 18 or provide information for a parent or guardian to receive event winnings. All prizes are distributed to the team captain and its up to them to distribute rewards amongst the team.

Prize Pool Structure: Back to top.

Tier 1: Prize Pool is less than or equal $500

  1. 1st place team receives 100% of the prize pool. No prize for 2nd or 3rd.

Tier 2: Prize Pool is more than $500

  1. 1st place team receives 80% of the prize pool
  2. 2nd place team receives 20% of the prize pool
  3. 3rd place gets non-cash prize to be announced

**NOTE: Any prize deductions cascade downwards in the following way:

  1. 1st place prize deductions go towards the 2nd place prize when available (tier 2).
  2. 2nd place prize deductions go towards the league.